Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification scheme offers independent verification and certification that the basic manufacturing practices and prerequisites necessary for the implementation of an effective Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety program are being followed.

GMP compliance requires minimum practical sense hygienic and processing requirements suitable to all food processing establishments. Many food industry companies have implemented the GMP certification scheme for food processing as the foundation upon which they have developed and implemented other quality and food safety management systems, such as HACCP, ISO 22000, SQF and ISO 9001.

GMP – It’s Key Benefits

  • Enhancement of your food safety management system;
  • Demonstration of your commitment to producing and trading safe and quality food;
  • Prepare you for HACCP certification or other food safety and quality management system;
  • Increase consumer confidence in your products; and
  • Prepare you for assessment by regulatory authorities and other stakeholders.

 Supplier Audit

Our second party audit solutions ensure you that your organization and partners are maintaining and improving the quality standards you have set for them. Our auditors not only develop the specific industry and business knowledge relevant to your organization, but are also immediately operational at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop equivalent internal resources.

Wherever you are located, in as many locations as you may need, our auditors will challenge themselves to deliver that extra benefit that has made BAS the world’s preferred certification body and independent assessor.

Protect your organization’s services, brands and reputation by monitoring the adherence of your vendors to your quality requirements, we will ensure:

  • Your quality standards requirements are consistently met
  • Your brand equity is retained; and
  • Your company vision and values are promoted and validated throughout your supply chain.

Audit against Your Code of Practice

By conducting Supplier Audits you can monitor supplier adherence to the values and procedures you have defined in your code of practice. Our audit solutions will assure that:

  • Customer loyalty is boosted, with stronger customer focus and higher levels of service.
  • Brand equity is maintained and enhanced as quality expectations are met.
  • Your values and strategy are completely understood and implemented.
  • Practices are consistent throughout your organization’s supplier networks.
  • The return on investment you expect is obtained.
  • Your organization’s supplier networks obtain the expected level of efficiency and focus on a path of continuous improvement above and beyond your expectations